Sunday, April 11, 2010

Naples Spring Break 2010

We had a great time going out on my parent's boat in Naples. The weather was beautiful. Jayde's favorite thing to do was collect the shells on the island we stopped at. Clayton ran around and kicked his legs in the water. Jayde has really become quite the little fish lately. She absolutely loves swimming and will stay in the pool ALL DAY! I was so glad that Jayme, Jared, Uncle Rick and Aunt Bev. could come join us!

Animal Kingdon 2010

We had a great time at Disney. Jayde LOVED getting her face painted. When we were in line to go see the Lion King show they pulled us out and told us we were VIP and put us up front. Then they pulled her out to dance during the show and they even told her they wanted to give an extra special thanks to her and said she was a princess. She was so nervous to go out at first but she really liked it afterwards.

As soon as we got back we had to go get Clayton's surgery to have 1 cyst removed from his face. Then when we got to the hospital the Dr.. said there were 4 cysts that needed to be removed. He had 5 to 7 stitches in each area. He had to wear "No No's" so that he wouldn't pull at them. It was a very hard time for us. We pray we can figure out why these cysts keep popping up and can prevent it but so far the Doctors we go to seem baffled. He dealt with everything so well. He was such a trooper. When Jayde saw him she said, "You look COOL BROTHER!" Later when my mom asked if the Dr. fixed Clayton's face she said, "NO."

We went to Temple Square and took a tour of the conference center. The three lovely ladies in front of the temple with Brad are his sisters Amanda, Kristen and Lauren. Of course that is me getting a smooch!

We went to the Dinosaur Museum in Utah and the kids had a great time. Jayde didn't want to leave.We had to make sure that we bundled up every where we went. Brad enjoyed the cold weather more than any Florida boy should.

Brad killed his biggest deer yet with a bow while hunting in the mountains with brother in law Chris.